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77 List Building Tips

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Want to grow your business by leaps and bounds this year?

Build your list of subscribers!

Here are 77 top tips for building a profitable list:


You'll find out:

* 77 tactics and tweaks for building a big list of subscribers in your niche!

* Tip #2: Stay r_______. This is what will separate you from the good to great!

* Tip #5: Remove the ________ on your squeeze page. Doing this mistake will cause low opt-in rates. Avoid this.
* Tip #11: Stay ______, get ______ attention. This tip is crucial to making sure you don't scare away subscribers!

* Using social media to gain more subscribers. It's a powerful and free way to get more subscribers to your list.

* How to use blog commenting the right way to gain more subscribers.

* Plus, lots more!

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To Your Success!

Jim Finch