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Hello Teammates

I have never sent this many updates about a single project and the
reason is very simple. I have never joined a project like GoFounders/
OnPassive and it is my responsibility as a list manager to make sure
that everyone on my list is kept up to date. As I have said many times,
it is very unlikely that you will ever be presented with an opportunity
like this again.

The following is an update that was sent out earlier today from my upline.
Many of you have contacted me with the same concerns as those stated in
this update so please read this and please, please attend this upcoming

I owe this message to you as a list manager and you owe it to yourself
and your family to attend this webinar!


>>>>>>>> Upline Update Below With My Referral Link Enclosed <<<<<<<<<<

The number of Founders has increased by 450 during the last 48 hours.

Total Founders (Live):

Why have this many folks decided to acquire Founder status?

Helping You Understand

Yesterday I received this message from Dan who is one of my
personally sponsored Founders. He is responding to a message
he received from Barbara who is one of his personally sponsored
Founders. I'm sure that many folks have the same concern as
expressed by Barbara.

Ken... I know you are experienced in marketing and have had many
comments from members in programs. Trying to cheer Barbara up.
Barbara feels like her group and her will definitely have to sponsor
and that this program will not bring money without sponsoring. Any
ideas for her? Barbara joined me in January and has been in networking
for some time but is getting frustrated as none of her people will join
thinking that they will definitely have to RECRUIT. Here is her letter
to me today. Any ideas on what to tell her? Dan


Hi Dan, Maybe you can answer questions for me. I am not succeeding
at recruiting any Founders. None of us believe that we don't have to
recruit. Nor that we would receive any spillover at all. Is this correct?
Please be honest with me. I am definitely wanting to cancel out and
get the $97.00 refund. Please let me know answers too my questions
soon, so I can conclude action on this opportunity. My calling does
not seem to be network marketing just to make money. Thanks for
your help its much appreciated. Wishing monumental success for
you all. Respectfully, Barbara

My response to Dan....

Hi Dan, The best advice I can offer is for Barbara and her group to
attend the webinar this coming Thursday. They need to learn about
the resources and the technology Ash is implementing to help everyone
succeed with OnPassive, especially those who cannot recruit. I'm
forwarding this message to Victoria Leal who I'm sure will be happy
to provide her insight. Ken

Here is Victoria's response.....

It breaks my heart to hear of those who may be ready to throw in the
towel before we even get started because that tells me only one thing...
they truly do not understand what is before them. However, I completely
understand Barbara's feelings, as there are many others like her who do
not completely understand that just the mere fact of being a Founder,
period, places them in an unprecedented position for earnings. It is truly
NOT necessary for anyone to recruit Founders in order to be in a position
to earn an income and here are a couple of reasons why: 1) When we
begin our prelaunch marketing campaign, the goal is to make sure that
every Founder who is in before the campaign launches, receives new
Founders under them that will be personally sponsored by them and 2)
regarding spillovers, once we launch, don't forget that every single
Member, Founder or not, that either purchase the $125 package or
higher or who is upgraded to the $125 package or higher will receive
guaranteed traffic and guaranteed signups. And since all anyone can
have on their level 1, in any package is 3 people, ALL others, although
sponsored by them, will fall in their down lines a spillover, helping
others to earn, on a consistent basis.

Where we are used to other programs with spillover being something
that you may or may not receive at the height of a program launch, with
OnPassive, spillovers will be a natural, recurring part of our process,
always! That is what is different about OnPassive... it is for everyone,
not just for those who can recruit, but for those who will never speak
to another soul about it. It has been designed with everyone in mind
and when we talk about a 100% success rate for everyone, this is not
just hype or empty words... this is how it has been designed. Another
thing to keep in mind is that we are not paid by the number of personally
sponsored Founders we have but by the number of packages purchased.
Therefore, if someone falls to us as spillover who has purchased a package,
we also receive a commission for that purchase.

I could go on and on but in the interest of your time, I would just like to
reassure Barbara and her team that they are in the best possible position
to start earning an income for the rest of their lives. And while no one
can guarantee how much money they will make on the first day of launch,
I can guarantee that if they back out now, they will surely regret it.  As I
cannot think of a better way for Barbara to be able to contribute to Humanities
Team than to be able to share the ongoing blessings she will receive from
OnPassive, especially being a Founder. And if they feel better not trying
to share this with others, that is okay too because there is no pressure to
recruit anyone... and yes, they will still earn. Besides, they are on the BEST
Team in OnPassive where the spillover will be flowing like honey! :-)

Thank you, Ken for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts.  As
you know I believe in OnPassive and our mission for the world with all
my heart and anytime I can help others see our vision, I am more than
happy to do so. Thanks again, Victoria :-)

Thanks to Victoria for her valued contribution to the discussion. It is time
to cast your skepticism aside and gather the information you need in order
to make a very wise decision. Here is the best way to do this....

Click on this link to reserve your seat and attend our first public webinar
which is scheduled for this coming Thursday, February 28 at 5 PM EST.



While you are on the page you can click on the "PREVIOUS
WEBINAR PLAYBACK" to listen as Global Leader Scott
Nelson discusses this awesome undertaking.

You can also click on the "BECOME A FOUNDER NOW"
link and acquire your Founder position right away so that you
can benefit from the growth that is happening with each passing
day. When you submit the form you will see the payment* options
page and when your payment is confirmed you will have full
access to your own GoFounders back office. You can listen to
the recorded webinars and you will be able to attend all of the
upcoming webinars prior to the launch of the main project.
Only then will you be fully informed. Once you are fully
informed I'm sure you will agree that you have made one of
the best decisions ever!

*If you need my assistance to make your payment just let me
know and I will be happy to help.

Reminder - There is absolutely NO RISK!

Ash will send you a refund at any time during the course of the
project. This applies to both the Founder position ($97) and the
main project ($25, $125, $250 and $500 levels) when the main
project (OnPassive) launches. This removes all risk of loss.

I hope to see you on the webinar during which you will learn
why 15360 folks have decided to become Founders and why
tens of thousands will be joining the main project (OnPassive)
when it launches.