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Here is an opportunity for you to invite your prospect to our first live webinar open

to the public.

Here is the invitation I am sending out, you are welcome to use it just insert your ID#

instead of mine.


Our growth continues at a constant pace as we get closer to
the launch of the most exciting and promising project I have
seen in 49 years of networking.

Total Founders (Live): 15031
An increase of 571 during the last 4 days

Your Invitation To Our First Public Webinar

Here is the link you can use to reserve your seat and attend our
first public webinar which is scheduled for this coming Thursday,
February 28 at 5 PM EST.


While you are on the page you can click on the "PREVIOUS
WEBINAR PLAYBACK" to listen as Global Leader Scott
Nelson discusses this awesome undertaking.

You can also click on the "BECOME A FOUNDER NOW"
link and acquire your Founder position right away so that you
can benefit from the growth that is happening with each passing
day. When you submit the form you will see the payment* options
page and when your payment is confirmed you will have full
access to your own GoFounders back office. You can listen to
the recorded webinars and you will be able to attend all of the
upcoming webinars prior to the launch of the main project.
Only then will you be fully informed. Once you are fully
informed I'm sure you will agree that you have made one of
the best decisions ever!

Reminder - There is absolutely NO RISK!

Ash will send you a refund at any time during the course of the
project. This applies to both the Founder position ($97) and the
main project ($25, $125, $250 and $500 levels) when the main
project (OnPassive) launches. This removes all risk of loss.

Here are 3 of the many hundreds of comments posted by
fellow Founders....


I must say the excitement that's surrounding OnPassive is unlike
anything I've seen before. Founders from around the globe are
coming in around the clock. Ash has truly put his vision into
action. A platform that will work for the masses. From the least
experienced to the most experienced, this platform will work for
both groups of marketers. Many of us have been burned before
and this is why this platform was developed. To put trust and
honesty back into the network marketing arena. Something that
has been missing for quite some time. I encourage all Founders
to detach from the past and look at OnPassive as a fresh start.
By doing so, I'm sure we will all meet at the Top.
I want to thank you for being able to allow us to prosper in this
crazy internet world. This system is like a dream come true. This
will be a system for all those that have for so long struggled in
their search for success and happiness. It is truly finally here. I
want to thank Ash for being here and enabling so many to see
hope for a better life. This system will be that hope, that dream
come true. Thank You so much,
Dear Ash... Besides being "Good Looking" (lol) you have a heart
of gold! I sincerely want to say Thank You for allowing yourself
to be the vessel that is bringing forth what will definitely be a
paradigm shift in the way that Online Marketing is done! Even
before the first dime is made, I am just so grateful to be a Founder
in OnPassive and all that means for those of us who are fortunate
enough to see the vision of where we are going. I wish to encourage
those who are ready to make a positive difference in their finances,
and in their lives period, to join with us and share in this historic
moment that will bring about an enormous change to our world. 
While we may be the influencing factor in how Online Marketing
will be done in the future, as Founders, our influence will carry over
to other parts of the world as we put to good use all that we have been
privileged enough to share. My sincerest Thanks to our team, to you
and your lovely wife, without whom we may not be where we are at
this time, as I know that she is a major support system for all of us
and she is also loved and appreciated. It is a privilege to be a Founder
and I am with you 1,000%! Much Love,

I look forward to sending a welcome message to lots of new Founders
who see the vision and appreciate this life-changing endeavor.

Have a super day!