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Once You See The Technology You Will See You Can't Fail!!

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Greetings Everyone,

We continue to grow with each passing day as we get closer to
the launch of the most exciting and promising project I have 
seen in 22 years of networking.

Total Founders (Live): 

This is an increase of 1924 since my last update which I sent
10 days ago or an average of 192 each day.

The Story Of GoFounders/OnPassive Platform 

Global Leader Scott Nelson explains the project in detail. This
should answer any question you may have and I urge you to
watch this video presentation....


"This is truly something better than anything I've seen in my 44 years
in home-based businesses" Scott Nelson

Reminder - There is absolutely NO RISK!

Ash will send you a refund at any time during the course of the 
project. This applies to both the Founder position ($97) and the 
main project ($25, $125, $250 and $500 levels) when the main 
project (OnPassive) launches. This removes all risk of loss.

Don't let another day go by. 

Invitation Link....


When you submit the form you will see the payment* options 
page and when your payment is confirmed you will have full 
access to your own GoFounders back office. You can listen to
the recorded webinars and you will be able to attend all of the 
upcoming webinars prior to the launch of the main project. 
Only then will you be fully informed. Once you are fully
informed I'm sure you will agree that you have made one of
the best decisions ever!

To YOUR Success,


Jerome Greenidge